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This is the Life, Every Single Day (1)

Title: Prologue: Metropolis, Meet Smallville
Author: sabine1392
Summary: Pavel Chekov meets his new partner. As first impressions go, this one's pretty mediocre.
Rating: PG
A/N: It's an AU where the Star Trek characters are actually characters in the DC Universe. WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT?!

Written for shewhohashope's prompt: Superhero AU.

Pavel Chekov leans back in his chair, feet propped on the desk in front of him. He looks the man in front of him over, letting his eyes drift up from badly scuffed loafers to the ill-fitting checked suit, to the large glasses perched crookedly on a nice-enough nose, and back down. Pavel takes a long drag on his cigarette. As first-impressions go, this one’s pretty mediocre.

“What’s your name, kid?”

The man in front of him shifts slightly, probably embarrassed at being called “kid” by a boy who looks to be at least four years his junior. But he doesn’t protest, or correct Pavel, which Pavel admires. It’s good to not piss off your superiors, even when they’re pompous assholes.


“Just Jim?”

Jim flushes, eyes shooting towards the floor, hands shoved into pockets. “Oh, no. Sorry. It’s Jim Kirk.”

Pavel smirks, leaning forward to stub out his cigarette on an already full ashtray. “Well, Jim Kirk. I’m Pavel Chekov. And you’re my new partner, so let’s spend this time getting to know each other. God knows we’re gonna need it in the field.” Here Pavel winks and grins as Jim blushes. “So, Kirk. Where do you come from?”

Jim rubs a hand over the back of his neck, eyes off to the side, not quite meeting Pavel’s. But that’s okay. He’s shy. Pavel just hopes that this man, who blushes and fumbles, has a good head on his shoulders and a good brain in that head. He can’t think of any reason the Daily Planet would have hired him otherwise, but he can’t be sure. Pavel’s never quite trusted management, especially after Spock Enterprises bought out the newspaper. So he’s going to have to watch this guy. Watch him like a hawk.

“Iowa. Smallville, Iowa.” Jim smiles, faraway. “Sort of in the middle of nowhere, but a great place to grow up.”

Pavel rolls his eyes. Great. Not only is Kirk a fumbling idiot, but he’s a country bumpkin too. Just what he needed. It not as if he had enough on his plate, proving himself right and left, showing everyone at the Daily Planet that he was the best damn action reported they’d ever had, despite his young age. He doesn’t have time to babysit a farm boy, fresh from the fields of Iowa.

“The Midwest, huh? So, what made you decide to come here? Actually, when’d you get here?”

Jim’s blue eyes get this sad look that Pavel, despite himself, feels sort of bad for triggering. He’s on the verge of backtracking, telling Kirk to forget it, when Jim speaks up.

“Didn’t have anything left for me there. Dad died when I was young, Ma left me with a lowdown loser of a stepfather. I did my time. Then I got out. I’ve been here for three years now. No need to worry. I’m not some hick you need to train from scratch.” Jim smiles then, a little less than friendly, almost fierce.

Pavel leans back. This shot of vodka’s got bite. He would never have expected it, from the scarlet stutterer he’d just met. His eyes narrow, and he shows his teeth in a predatory smile of his own.

“We’ll see about that.”

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