Mrs [insert crush of the week] (totallybalanced) wrote in startrek_crack,
Mrs [insert crush of the week]

fic: hide your feathers on the back porch (star trek reboot - r - kirk/cupid, kirk/mccoy)

title : hide your feathers on the back porch
rating : r (for groping and language mostly)
fandom : star trek reboot
pairing : kirk/cupid, kirk/mccoy
word count : 4231
disclaimer: i own noooooothing at all.
warnings : for weirdness, crack and cupid being a bitch.
summary : Kirk says no to the wrong people but learns a few things on the way.
notes : it's practically a sequel to sam cooke was a delusional fool although how i got from that to this, i have no idea. i feel like i've written the first episode of some kind of weird soap opera.

(Contrary to popular belief, James T. Kirk is not a complete whore.)

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